The Ministry of Health will organize a raffle for vaccinated people. This was announced on Nova TV by the caretaker Minister of Tourism Stella Baltova. She stressed that the introduction of anti-vaccination vouchers is not currently being considered.

“The so-called raffle of the Ministry of Health is starting, it will soon be announced publicly. When you get vaccinated, you will receive a reward. They contacted mobile operators. If they want, people from the tourism industry can send proposals for a prize. You can win a tablet, a watch. Colleagues from the Ministry of Health will reveal more, “she explained. According to her, if there is no conviction that the vaccine will help us protect the health of our loved ones and ours, the raffle will not help by increasing the percentage of vaccinated.

Baltova pointed out that the state approaches the sector responsibly and no one will be abandoned.

“Everyone will be supported and this is the responsibility of the entire cabinet. The 60/40 measure will continue, but with a new design. The guides under this measure will also be supported. In addition, additional funds were provided, “she said, adding that she would hold a meeting with industry representatives on Monday to comment on what costs are best spent.

The minister explained that local taxes and fees could not be reimbursed, but operating costs would be reimbursed to some extent.

“We have a new season ahead of us – the winter. I held a meeting of business and municipal representatives to see what we are missing. There is optimism. At the moment, there are no hotels expected to remain closed. There were some at sea in the summer, “Baltova added.

According to her, there is a desire and encouragement of vaccination in the industry. There are already hotels and tour operators that have stickers for 100% vaccinated staff.

“This is an individual process and we would not want to force or oblige vaccination. Let this come from everyone’s understanding. There are countries where this problem with vaccination does not exist, “Baltova commented.