The rollout of e-wallets has made purchasing and payment methods much more accessible for customers across the globe and they can store discounts and coupons applicable to different products. They use convenient processes that retain customers. The need to go cashless has propelled the growth of e-wallets over the years.

Citizens in Bulgaria are drawn by the hassle-free transactions conducted via mobile phones. The use of eWallet apps has generated profits for both consumers and businesses. Their service has become common in shopping and online businesses. With the growing demand for convenient payment options, Bulgaria’s growth is expected to reach unprecedented heights. Below are the best e-wallets in Bulgaria.


This financial platform offers its payment, shopping, and money transfer services to customers living in Bulgaria. Skrill is available in many countries, and an account allows users to receive money, transfer money fast and pay for goods and services online. The platform works as a bank institution, the only difference is that it does not have a physical branch to walk into.

Users can download the app on the phone, insert their personal information and open an account. The financial platform allows deposits with Credit cards, bank transfers, and payment processors, including bitcoin, Paysafe, and Neteller. Online companies can initiate transfers to Skrill instantaneously using simple steps. It is a preferred e-wallet among Bulgarians due to its low-cost transfers.

Wise (formerly Transferwise)

It is an established e-wallet that offers its services in Bulgaria and across the globe. Wise is a multicurrency e-wallet that provides clients with local bank accounts. Through Wise, customers can receive money, transfer money to other Wise accounts at a small fee and pay for goods and services online.

Clients can also withdraw cash at an ATM using a prepaid Mastercard. The established financial platform offers the lowest charges among the mainstream e-wallets. Users download the app through the website’s path and key in their data to open the account. The e-wallet is a complete solution for gamblers, online traders, and shoppers on foreign sites. Bulgarians hold a balance in Lev, making it possible to make a local transfer to their account in USD, GBP, or EUR.


PayPal has simplified the lives of many by offering simple ways to get paid. Their services are designed to fit in everyone’s life through shopping, splitting expenses, or getting paid. Bulgarians have chosen PayPal as it comes with a PayPal Buyer Protection that helps customers shop with confidence. Clients can also send, receive, and collect money securely.

One of the sectors that have embraced PayPal as a payment processor is online casinos. The fact that players can load and withdraw their money instantly is one of the factors that make Bulgarians love this payment processor. Some of the best online gambling websites have adopted this reliable online payment solution to benefit their users. Aside from that, the site offers a comprehensive guide to online gambling, including reviews of the best casinos and their offerings. You’ll have a thorough overview of everything you’re looking for in one area. Above all, this guide will assist you in playing with confidence and peace of mind.


The global e-wallet is considered among the most convenient and risk-free online payment solutions for VPN services, casual games, and Webhosting. With Mint, users can purchase from hundreds of online and offline resellers and redeem from thousands of online merchants.

Mint is 100% risk-free and does not require bank accounts that request sensitive credit card details. The financial platform is secure and chargeback-free. In addition, the global economic platform is flexible and efficient. When paying for online games and services, players pay online with no additional fees. They are only required to insert the 16-digit Mint code and use the same during checkout.


EcoPayz is one of the favorite e-wallets among Bulgarians that assists in sending and spending money worldwide. Customers take the shortest time possible to open an account. The platform uses the latest technology to secure and detect frauds.

The financial information is never shared with anyone as security and integrity are their priority. EcoPayz follows the regulatory requirements for all e-wallets by using a safeguarding process that secures customers’ funds. The financial service provider has an app that is compatible with mobile phones and PCs. Its design is attractive and packed with modern features.


Neteller is a digital network used to transfer money to and from merchants. Some of the areas taking advantage of this payment processor include forex trading forums, online gambling platforms, and many more. The service was launched in1999 and consequently improved over the years to give the best financial services in the world. Customers can initiate deposits into their accounts using credit cards, bank transfers, or bitcoin.

Bulgarians have used e-wallets due to their convenience. The digital platforms enable them to make transactions securely in the comfort of their homes. The above are the best e-wallets used in Bulgaria.