Due to the coincidence of December 25 and 26, 2021 with Saturday and Sunday, and January 1, 2022, with Saturday, the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays will be a total of three additional days.

The Bulgarian Labor Inspectorate reminds that at least double remuneration is paid only for work during public holidays, and if the work on these days is overtime, the salary is fourfold. For the work on the so-called Absentee days, which compensates for the coincidence of holidays with weekends, a higher salary is paid only if the work is overtime, and the increase is with 75%.

Bulgaria: When will we Work and Rest in 2022

For those working under an employment contract on a non-standard working day, working on a holiday, rest day or the absentee day the work is always considered overtime. Extraordinary work is considered in these days when the work for the workers in the daily reporting of working hours. In these cases, the employer must assign the work with a special order for overtime work, issued at least 24 hours in advance, with which the employee is aware confirming it with a signature, reminded by the General Labor Inspectorate.

If the employer has introduced summary reporting of working hours, the work on holidays and working days, laid down according to a schedule, is no overtime, and is not paid with an increase. In this case, workers are entitled to a higher wage only for their work on public holidays, which must be at least double.