I expect the price of sunflower oil to fall at some point because the harvest is very good worldwide. This was announced on the air of Radio Stara Zagora by Vladimir Ivanov, Chairman of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets.

“There is some speculation with the price of oil at the moment, which is at the global level, not only in Bulgaria. It leads to a retention of oil price levels, but sooner or later the balances will be established and we will see a declining trend. Maybe the retention trend will be longer.”

The consumer basket will cost us BGN 79 this week, which is BGN 6 more than last year at that time, Ivanov commented.

“That’s an average of five and a half percent inflation over the same period last year, which is not abnormal as a pace against the background of this sharp rise in resource prices, it’s literally almost no dynamics.”