The Government’s Recovery and Sustainability Plan, adopted today, sets out a scenario for the closure of coal-fired power plants with two dates – 2038 and 2040. The next National Assembly will set a closing date based on technical analysis, said Prime Minister Stefan Yanev

The caretaker Prime Minister commented:

“The mechanism for fixing this date is yet to come, based on technical analysis. What we have given are not three dates, but two – the 38th and 40th year, and we prefer it to be 2040. If it could be after 40 based on this technical analysis, let it be so, we don’t mind defending it, but let’s not play with dates and scare people, because, including yesterday, people were here, When people need clarity, a perspective in their professional development, it is not good to create a condition for them to remain with the impression that we are hiding something from them and to create almost three, or five, eight dates, an unpredictability On the contrary! We are looking for predictability! We are looking for realization “.

The establishment of a state-owned enterprise to manage the transition in the coal regions is envisaged. It will employ laid-off workers from the Maritza Iztok complex, who will deal with land reclamation.

Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov reminded that the plan should implement 46 reforms and finance 59 projects. Our country expects to receive BGN 12.9 billion:

“However, which will activate an additional BGN 8.1 billion in investments, which will have an effect on our economy of BGN 21 billion in the next 6 years.”

The adoption of the Recovery Plan is a timely act, said caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev.

The document has been worked on intensively in the last 5 months, the Prime Minister stressed before the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The plan was discussed with the 46th National Assembly and with the interested branch organizations.

“The work done is positive. They assess it as positive and we hope that with today’s adoption and tomorrow’s presentation to the European Commission we will open the way for detailed talks, for its final adoption and for fresh money to go to Bulgarian business, to projects that they will really have an element of recovery of the Bulgarian economy, of its future development in the direction of digitalization, in the direction of improvement and an economy with a higher added product”.