This month, the leading company welcomed employee number 1,500 and truck number 900.

Discordia – the fastest growing logistics company in Bulgaria according to this year’s K100 ranking, already has 1,500 employees and a flotilla of 900 trucks. Against the background of difficult times for the world economy, the growth of the leading Bulgarian company is an impressive achievement. The new member of the team joins “Own Transport” – the department responsible for transport with own vehicles.

“I graduated in Transport Economics and started working in one of the largest shipping companies in the world. This made me even more excited about trucks, transport, and the logistics sector. I knew Discordia at the same time. Observing its development since then, I see a very serious positive difference. My impressions were confirmed during my first days in the company. Here I found an excellent organization of work, I met a very young and at the same time motivated team, in which everyone pursues their goals and is always open to help their colleagues,” said Denimir Gerov, the latest sales expert and employee 1500 in Discordia. 

Satisfaction, good working conditions, and team development are a top priority for the company, which has seen an average 25% increase in jobs over the past 3 years. Discordia invests in its modern office and modern technologies, as well as in the latest equipment and facilities for drivers. The company’s fleet of already 900 trucks is one of the youngest in the industry and offers the best conditions for long courses.

Discordia was founded in 1992 and is developing at an ambitious pace, reaching an impressive 1,500 from 159 employees in 2013, and is already looking to reach a fleet of 1,000 own trucks soon.

“We are extremely happy to celebrate two such great achievements in one month. The pandemic and the coronavirus crisis have posed serious challenges to many companies, including us. However, we continue to grow and expand our business and this can only make me proud. Thanks to the whole team, to all the professionals we work with every day with enthusiasm and desire for achievement. I have no doubt that we will continue to grow at an even faster pace,” said Hristo Hristov, CEO of Discordia.

Discordia is one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe. Its activities are focused on international freight transport, including transportation, freight forwarding, and logistics. Apart from Bulgaria, Discordia has offices in Romania and Ukraine.