Traveling abroad is not among the easiest tasks lately, but with a little research and monitoring of the situation, it is quite feasible.

The requirement for PCR tests when entering foreign countries has its benefits – it creates a sense of security and control, but it also makes travel more expensive and is often associated with complications related to its organization.

If you want to travel abroad but do not want to waste time on touring labs before departure, see which countries currently admit foreign tourists without requiring the presentation of a negative PCR test at the border.

Learn also what restrictive measures are in effect in the countries concerned at the moment (the situation changes very quickly, always look for up-to-date information before taking a trip).


In our northern neighbor, we may cross the border without a PCR test, and measures to curb the spread of coronavirus are relatively lenient. Pubs, theatres and cinemas operate at 30 or 50% capacity (according to the morbidity rate in the respective area), and outdoors facilities work without restrictions. Malls and shops are open until 9 pm.


In mid-January, Serbia waived the requirement for a PCR test for its neighbouring countries, including Bulgaria. However, strict restrictive measures are in place in the country – pubs and shopping centres operate up to 8pm during the week and are closed on weekends. Markets are open daily until 3 pm.


There are no official restrictions on entry to Mexico, but stricter control is being exercised at the borders. It is very likely that you will be asked for a hotel reservation document for your entire stay, as well as a proof that you have sufficient funds (about 30-40 euros per day). These requirements will not be any difficulty if you book a holiday in one of the hotels along the Riviera Maya.

You must also fill in a declaration in advance

Republica Dominicana

Dominicana has emerged as one of the most preferred exotic holiday destinations this winter. In addition to not requiring a PCR test, the Caribbean country is also accessible by charter flights.

A curfew is in force in the country from 7 pm to 5 am during the week and from 17 to 5 on weekends. At these time intervals, you must stay at your hotel.


For several years the Bulgarians have had a new favorite winter destination and this is the sunny island of Zanzibar. There are charters to the island every week, and the fact that you don’t need a PCR test at the border is another amenity. At the border checkpoint, they can measure your temperature and, if in doubt, test you. It is mandatory to have health insurance including for coronavirus.

Keep a close eye on Portugal

Portugal is one of the few countries in the European Union that does not require of Bulgarian citizens a PCR test at the border. It is enough that before arriving in the country visitors have completed a form of residence. The country is currently under lockdown and free movement is limited, but if you want to go there, monitor the situation and take advantage for entering the country once the measures are eased.

NB: All listed destinations do not have the requirement to provide a PCR test when Bulgarians enter their territory. However, it is important to note that Bulgaria introduced a requirement for a negative test for all Bulgarians returning to the country, i.e. in all these countries you need to take a test no later than 72 hours before returning to Bulgaria. Otherwise, you will be put under a 10-day quarantine. If you do not have a PCR test made abroad, you can make one within 24 hours after arriving in Bulgaria. If it is negative, you will be exempt from quarantine.