“Toplofikatsia Sofia (Heating Systems Sofia) owes BGN 399 million to Bulgargaz,” Denitsa Zlateva, executive director of Bulgargaz, announced on BNT.

She reminded that “Bulgargaz” cannot by law stop the supply of gas to heating companies and will seek new loans from the Ministry of Energy.

According to her, Bulgaria continues to submit daily requests to Gazprom for gas quantities for which payments are not made.

“I sincerely hope that a solution to this problem will finally be found because with these natural gas prices, with this continuous increase during the heating season, Bulgargaz does not have the financial means to compensate for these unpaid obligations from the heating companies and especially Toplofikatsia Sofia. I know that there is a working group at the Council of Ministers with representatives of the Bulgarian Energy Holding and the Ministry of Energy – we must think about a cardinal and permanent solution”, added Denitsa Zlateva.