Bulgaria will hold the second for 2021 bond sale auction on February 22, 2021. The Bulgarian National Bank will then hold an auction for the sale of the securities, the central bank reports.

We are talking about five-year interest-bearing treasury bonds (1,826 daily) of open type with fixed interest rate from issue No. BG 20 300 21 112/24.02.2021 with maturity date 24 February 2026 under the following conditions set by the Ministry of Finance.

Primary dealers can participate in the auction with competitive orders, both in their own name and on their own behalf, but at the expense of their customers. They may also participate in the auction with non-competitive orders in their own name, but on behalf of their clients who are not banks or investment firms, including those established in another Member State or in a third country.

The participants in the auction should keep in mind that the Ministry of Finance will offer for sale additional quantities of issue BG 20 300 21 112 from 24.02.2021 on an auction basis.

The Ministry reserves the right to reject all, respectively, to approve certain orders, as well as to approve a quantity other than that previously announced.

We recall that a day ago an auction was held for the sale of Treasury bonds of BGN 300 million and interest rate of 0.10% per year. Nine primary dealers in state securities participated in the auction. According to the decision taken by the Ministry of Finance, orders worth of BGN 300 000 000 were approved. nominal value, including non-competitive orders to the amount of BGN 99 800 000.