The main prices of crude oil on world markets are going up, and with them – the prices in gas stations in Bulgaria and Europe. In just one year, petrol and diesel have jumped by more than 30%, the same goes for LPG and methane. Discounts – not expected soon.

This is the essence of the summary and forecasts made this morning in front of bTV by Andrey Delchev from the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association.

“The trend is to increase fuels, although in the last week there has been virtually no change. However, this calm is deceptive,” he said.

Looking at the specifics, the numbers clearly show the increase – A95 gasoline has increased its value for end customers by as much as 60 cents in 12 months and is currently trading at over BGN 2.40 (EUR 1.23) per liter compared to only BGN 1.84 a year ago.

The increase in diesel is even higher, which is currently sold at gas stations at almost BGN 2.50 per liter, while in January 2021 this price was below BGN 1.85. This percentage increase is about 35 %.

The jump in LPG is also sharp, which from only 90 cents is now sold at 1.40 per liter. As expected – the worst situation is for cars that run on methane, which is already anchored a few cents below the 3 levs and is expected to jump over them soon, and permanently.

“I strongly hope that we will not reach the psychological barrier of BGN 3 per liter of gasoline and diesel,” Delchev said today, but stressed that this is not an impossible hypothesis.

According to him, the consumption of liquid fuels is currently the same as in pre-crisis times of 2019. At the same time, production lags behind by many ways, which is a logical reason for the fluctuations in upward prices.

“The refineries have slowed down the increase in their production. OPEC has decided to increase by relatively small quantities – 400,000 barrels per day. They do not cover the sharply increased demand, as Omicron does not restrict business,” Delchev said.

The good news – in Bulgaria there is no way there will queues for filling up cars, because our country imports the necessary quantities, regardless of prices.