In January-May 2021, Bulgarian export to the EU increased by 23/4 percent from this time last year, reaching a total of 17,616.9 million leva, according to snap statistics by the National Statistical Institute released Thursday. In May alone, the export to the EU increased by over a third, 31.4 percent, from this time last year to a total of 3,363.2 million leva.

EU export to Bulgaria in January-May 2021 went up by 25 percent from the same period of 2020, reaching 17,879.5 million leva. Value-wise, the biggest import was from Germany, Romania, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands and Hungary. In May alone, the export grew by 50.4 percent from this time last year, reaching 3,682.7 million leva.

Bulgaria ran a deficit of 262.6 million leva (FOD export – CIF import) in its foreign trade in January-May.

Trade with third countries

The Bulgarian export to third countries (non-EU members) increased by 14.4 percent from a year earlier, to a total of 10,580.7 million leva. In June alone, the export to these countries grew by 26.8 percent to 1,838.6 million leva.

Imports from third countries in January-June 2021 rose by 24.2 percent from this time last year to 13,970.7 million leva. The biggest imports were from Turkey, the Russian Federation, China, and Ukraine. In June alone, imports grew by 44 percent to 2,690 million leva.

Trade with third countries showed a deficit of 3,390 million leva for Bulgaria in January-June, including a deficit of 851.4 million leva in June alone.