Bulgaria’s position on the negotiation process with RN Macedonia is preserved, we are upgrading it with five commissions. On January 18, we are going to talks in order to show that good neighborliness is a fundamental principle in our relationship.

This was stated by Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov during the first blitz control in the parliament for the new 2022.

The first question to Petkov was asked by Ekaterina Zaharieva from GERB-SDS.

I do not understand why in 2021 we do not have a single flight Sofia-Skopje, we do not have a single train line, we do not have a common cultural calendar, we do not have interaction between our businesses, said Petkov from the parliamentary rostrum.

I assure you, the Prime Minister addressed the deputies, in our coalition we have an absolutely clear common position, agreed upon before the eyes of the entire Bulgarian people. We have full coordination in the Council of Ministers on the topic and the fact that we are going to talks on January 18 shows that good neighborliness is a basic principle in our relations, said Petkov.