In Bulgaria, 2,223 companies received payments under the working capital support programme of BGN 22.2 million less than 168 hours after the deadline for submitting project proposals. These companies have undergone an automated software check that indicates full compliance of the data specified in the applications with those available in the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

By the end of the week, the companies will be approved for support that submitted applications in the past week, for which after an automated check there is a complete compliance of the data, the NRA sources added. A list of the candidates approved so far is enclosed with an order of the Executive Director of the NRA –, available on the website of the revenue agency. Companies yet to be approved for support will be included in a new order by the end of the week.

Other enterprises applying for financial assistance not included in the orders will be subject to additional audits by the revenue inspectors at the NRA and, if necessary, additional clarifications will be requested through the ISUN information system by e-mail.

More than 8,100 sales firms applied for working capital support through the National Revenue Agency by 4.30pm on January 20, when the application deadline expires. The total amount of support requested is BGN 115 million NRA reminds.