“We are worried that in the last year tourism in Bulgaria has been developing despite the administration, and not with the help of the administration – often due to chaotic decisions,”Branimir Botev, former Deputy Minister of Tourism, and now the president of the European League for Economic Cooperation, said in an interview for “This Morning” talk show.

As an example he quoted the fact that, measures related to the COVID situation were announced as late as May 21, and the tourist season starts on May 31.What tourists or tour operators will be able to plan a vacation at such a short notice, it is absurd, the expert commented.

We lost the Russian market already last year, but this year we will continue to feel the negative impact of this loss. “Tez Tour”, one of the major providers of tourist services, canceled the passenger conveyance in June – this is about 183 charters, nearly 42 thousand passengers from Russia.

The German market will operate, but in July and August. The prices that TUI offers will not change and the tour operator will press our hotels for extremely low prices, not to say offensively low. At the moment, they talk of a package price of bed and breakfast of 15 euros, “Botev announced.