At a meeting with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said that in four years Bulgaria’s GDP grew by one-fourth, the average wage increased by 50 per cent, and the minimum pension doubled.

In his words, currently the No.1 priority for Bulgaria is overcoming the COVID-19 crisis in terms of healthcare, and the other topics are how to exit the crisis in socio-economic terms and in what way do different people see the growth formula.

According to him, further attention should be paid to the quality of investments and economic recovery. Even more targeted state support is needed, he argued adding that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan will be a very powerful tool to that end.

As regard politics, the key task is to restore the normal political dialogue, Donchev also said. In his words, in the coming years.

Bulgaria will face huge challenges and opportunities, and lack of preparedness and failure to reach consensus might result in the country stumbling over challenges and missing the opportunities. Whoever is in power will have to get Bulgaria across the Green Deal challenge, and that process should not go through the typical political hysterics if something is to be achieved, Donchev argued.