Afghanistan has been the world’s most miserable country since the Taliban seized power in August last year. The data from the so-called A World Happiness Report has been released on the occasion of today’s International Day of Happiness, designated by the United Nations.

The annual report ranks Afghanistan last among 149 countries. Lebanon is in the penultimate place, followed by Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Botswana.

The happiest country for the fourth consecutive year in Finland, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Researchers have sorted countries by analyzing data from the past three years into categories that include gross domestic product per capita, social security measures, life expectancy, freedom of choice, population generosity, and a sense of internal and external corruption.

According to the report, the countries that have made the most “progress” in 2019-2021 compared to 2008-2012 are Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Our country ranks 85th on the list of 146 countries. Bulgaria falls after Nepal and before Libya.