The first order of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov will be for a mandatory green certificate in the Council of Ministers. He announced this at the opening of the Webbit Foundation’s Powers summit, which brings together government, business, and the civil society for dialogue.

Petkov called on businesses to follow the example of the administration in order to raise the level of vaccination in the country:

“We cannot be successful in business innovation if our healthcare system does not work, if our workers are sick, if we close the economy because we cannot get vaccinated! Please and I urge you because we must be practical, from today on we must to raise the level of vaccination! My first order today will be for everyone in the Council of Ministers to enter with a green certificate. And I hope that this will happen in all ministries. Do the same in your businesses. We must raise the level of vaccination if we want to have our business open if we want our children to go to school, if we want our hospitals not to be full.”

Technology, entrepreneurship, education, finance, healthcare are the topics of the forum in Sofia, also called “Bulgarian Davos”.

This is the first public meeting of the new government with business leaders and the civil sector, attended by Kiril Petkov as Prime Minister.

The organizers are the Digital National Coalition and the Webbit Foundation.

According to the preliminary program, the Minister of Education Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Ecology Borislav Sandov and the Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer will take part in the forum.