It just so happens that you’re in the mood to stretch out your legs. Maybe you want to hike somewhere or use that plane ticket you won from a gambling card, where you’re allowed to travel to wherever you want around Europe for a complete week. It’s a dream, isn’t it? Finally, you reap the rewards of your daily scratch, and you know just where to go with the prize that you’ve won.

Norway is so pretty. It’s different from the marbles of gray and black surrounding you back at your old flat, the colors are far more vibrant and the people here actually know how to smile. It takes a while, but slowly throughout the week you learn the customs around the diverse set of people in the area. The food is great, and the warm soup from the shop from three blocks away warms your stomach in the best way before you ski down the mountain top. For once, everything is relatively perfect. During lunch, you gather around with your family, who were included in your ticket package, and get ready to head to the nearest casino.

But wait, your partner stops you from driving out to bet on your favorite color. A little google search tells you that the closest casino is hours and hours away. That won’t do, you have your daughter’s special pony appointment in less than 3 hours. If you decide to go, your family will miss it and everyone will be sad over the sobs of poor Tabitha. So you search for a closer venue, yet once again it yielded no results. Deciding it’s the only way you can get your fix, you search up for online casino sites and you were absolutely shocked to see that almost everything was illegal and banned.

Now you’re the one who’s sobbing because you can’t do your daily fun. Oh well, the week is almost over anyway. Once you get out of the country, you’ll be able to get back on track in no time.  Maybe the next time you go somewhere, you will actually do a background check on what’s currently going on in the country. Luckily for you, it’s only online casino sites that are mostly banned and not something of the extreme.

Norway gambling laws brought on a lot of gasps from their citizens, with many persisting to bring back the previous leniency upheld by the country. Though despite the numerous banning, a lot of citizens still persist in partaking in online gambling sites from unauthorized companies and random establishments. The consequences of doing such a thing have its ramifications, and even a simple tourist from another country should respect and be wary of the laws happening in the country they’re visiting in. Besides, maybe now is the perfect time to enjoy the view and sights instead of routinely checking your phone for messages of winnings and prizes. Perhaps the biggest win you’ve ever had was right in front of you all along.