“There is a clear result of inaction and problems accumulated over the years. We are told that we have to manage on our own, because we are in a market economy situation, while in Turkey this industry has state support, but this displaces us on world markets …’. This is what the rose processor Metodi Stefanov commented to BNR.  

According to him, the fall in prices is not the result of overproduction and the global crisis:

“Over 40% of the rose crop this year will be unharvested. Prices will be 40% lower … If we had state guarantees to get support from commercial banks, this money could be put into circulation, the harvest could be bought and sold. That way, the whole harvest would be paid for, at a decent price, and the rose growers would be saved. ”  

“The share of the gray sector in the industry is about 30% … The truth about the quality of Bulgarian rose oil is that it is made from damask rose, corresponds to a flower bought from a certain latitude, and is made in distilleries that operate on traditional technology for processing Bulgarian rose oil ”. 

According to the rose processor, the industry in Bulgaria will emerge from the crisis in at least three years.