The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that Romania allows the transit by land of citizens of the EU, EEC, the Swiss Confederation and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , observing the established transit corridors, eliminating the requirement to send verbal notes approving the transit. Information on transit corridors can be found at the following link:

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that travelers bring enough food, water and medicine if they have chronic diseases, as at times it is very difficult to cross the border due to heavy traffic. Information about the working border checkpoints and average crossing time can be found at the indicated address: (It is possible to change the entrance / exit, cars / trucks – in the upper left corner of the screen).  

If in need of assistance, Bulgarian citizens can contact the Bulgarian Embassy in Bucharest on tel. 00 40 (0) 21 230 21 50, 21 230 21 59 as well as on the duty phone during non-working hours: 00 40 (0) 21 230 21 50. 

——— Signals and requests for assistance in emergency situations of Bulgarian citizens are accepted around the clock and on the telephone lines of the Situation Center Directorate: +359 2 948 24 04; +359 2 971 38 56 or email: