Romanian entrepreneur Stefan Mandachi is expanding his food chain Spartan abroad, investing EUR 125,000 in the chain’s first unit in Bulgaria. The entrepreneur has earmarked over EUR 700,000 this year for expanding his restaurant chain, reports Romania Insider. 

“For the second half of 2019, we are planning to open the first Spartan location in Bulgaria,” Stefan Mandachi, owner of the Spartan chain of restaurants, announced, quoted by Ziarul Financiar.

On the local market, the entrepreneur wants to open four new locations this year, in the cities of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Sibiu. He says that an investment of EUR 125,000 is typically needed to open each location.

Currently, Spartan manages 43 fixed and one mobile location, the brand being present in all major cities in Romania. In 2018, the company reported revenues of RON 54.2 million (over EUR 11.4 million), up 20% compared to 2017.