Russian holidaymakers are trapped at airports in Bulgaria’s Varna and Burgas due to problems with Bulgaria Airplanes, Russia’s Honorary Consul in Burgas Tonko Fotev told TASS on Saturday.

“Due to problems with planes, the Bulgaria Air carrier altered the schedule of flights bound for Russia and so several groups of Russian tourists could not take flights home in due time. The situation is under control and very soon the Russians will take extra flights,” Fotev said.

According to the diplomat, the Russian holidaymakers are trapped at Varna and Burgas airports.

“In accordance with the current regulations, the passengers were given water and meals, while some of them were accommodated at Varna and Burgas hotels. Bulgaria’s Tourism Ministry is holding control of the situation along with us,” he added. Russian travelers wrote on social networks that the delays began early on Saturday morning. Later, the afternoon flights to Russia were delayed too.