Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) and Bulgarian Posts (BGPost) to be included in the list of strategic sites to be inspected by State Agency for National Security (SANS). This will be proposed by the Council of Ministers after the cyber attack, which blocked the work of the post offices, announced the Minister of Electronic Government Bozhidar Bozhanov.

Minister Bozhanov points out that the post offices will be included in the Cyber ​​Security Act, together with other public enterprises, because there are currently some that are not controlled by any institution in terms of network information security.

All more than 2,900 post offices in the country, as well as backup servers, have been shut down by a Russian-style virus, according to the team of Deputy Prime Minister Kalina Konstantinova. For the third week, the post office services have not been fully restored.

The State Agency for Refugees also said they had suffered a hacker attack. The announcement by the Minister of Electronic Government Bozhidar Bozhanov came after a meeting of the Cyber ​​Security Council this week.

Bozhanov points out that 48,000 IP addresses related to malicious activity from Russia and Belarus are currently blocked. The so-called penetration tests.

Contract volunteers are already inspecting government systems for vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. The plans of the ministry are to seek help from the private sector for operational monitoring and response – said Bozhanov.