A team of prosecutors and investigators entered the Bulgarian Railways (BDZ) Central Office in Sofia. The inspection must establish whether abuses have been committed by senior officials. Such a signal was given by the caretaker Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev. These are fictitious repairs of locomotives and railway cars.

“Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted recently. Prosecutors and investigators are checking the documents. We were notified by the Minister of Public Procurement for the repair of diesel locomotives purchased in 2005. The contract with the company from which they were purchased has expired, so BDZ signed a new public procurement to maintain the locomotives. In the report we received, there are data on many violations. We have launched an investigation to determine whether there are such violations,” it became clear at a briefing by the prosecutor’s office.

In the course of the investigation, other circumstances have arisen, which will also be checked by the prosecutor‘s office. The state prosecution suspects that the repairs under the contract were not carried out, as well as that the contract stipulates that some machines will be repaired and others will be repaired. It will also be checked whether this contractor has the right to carry out such repairs. It will also be checked whether all payments are made against the actual performance of the contract.

“We will conduct many procedural and investigative actions. When gathering evidence of violations, we will bring the perpetrators to justice. The investigation will be difficult and very extensive,” the prosecutor’s office said.

One week ago, by order of the Minister of Transport and Communications Nikolay Sabev, the manager of BDZ – Passenger Transport Lyuben Nanov was released.