For two months, the Bulgarian authorities have been miscalculating the number of vaccinated people in the country. The information system, which reports data on vaccinated and infected, reported a sharp increase in fully vaccinated Bulgarians by 73,000 per day with only 8,538 doses of vaccines.

On Monday (26 July) the number of people with completed immunization was 15.3% of the adult population, but in just one day it jumped to 16.7% or 73,000 more than the previous day. It turned out that the authorities had corrected a two-month old error related to the reporting of the single-dose vaccine of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

People who received a single dose of the vaccine were not reported to have completed their vaccination process.

Even after the corrected error, Bulgaria remains last in the EU with only 18.5% of vaccinated adult citizens with one dose, compared to the EU average of almost 70%.

The daily number of new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria has doubled in the past week, prompting experts to talk of the beginning of a new wave.